How To Utilize Email Marketing For Your Small Business

email marketing tips

Email Marketing Tips   There are many important tools for engaging your customers, of course, there are the usual suspect’s Facebook and Twitter but let us not forget about the original king of content delivery, the email newsletter. Every business should be using this medium to connect and activate customers. Email Marketing is proven and…

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What Is Social Media Marketing

what is social media marketing

In this post, my aim is to present you with the real purpose of Social Media Marketing, the truth about many of the services out there, and the differences between doing it yourself/hiring someone that does not have any formal training or real experience and hiring someone that understands the mechanics of leveraging social media…

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How To Reduce Stress Naturally

how to naturally reduce stress

Stress, sadly it is a big part of everyday life. We all learn to deal with it in our own ways, let us understand a little about stress and what effects it has on our bodies and minds. Stress, in its most basic definition, is a very natural phenomenon. If you were out in the…

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Branding Shaping The Face Of Your Business


As we move into springtime many of us feel inclined towards spring cleaning, this is also an opportune time to do some business spring cleaning. This month I will be posting different ways to keep on pace, redesign, and stay current. So let us start at the very beginning, branding. What is Branding and why…

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5 Ways To Happier Employees

how to have happier employees

“By expecting them to do great things, you can get them to do great things.” Steve Jobs, on employees.   Employees play such a pivotal role in all businesses, yet recent statistics show that many employees are not satisfied with their jobs. This kind of unhappiness leads to high employee turnover, poor work performance, and…

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