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We are a full-service NJ Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency located in funky and vibrant Asbury Park. We specialize in  Web Design and Development, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and SEO. Website design and digital marketing is the art of conversation, allowing you to engage your audience, wow them, capture their attention and ultimately their business. Listen, we know how competitive New Jersey is for any type of business. Our clients find themselves at the top of their industries with work that really sets them apart. If you’re looking for generic web design, graphic design that falls flat, the same marketing strategies everyone else is doing, and mediocre customer service we are not the right fit for you.

We adore listening and finding your inspiration and sharing that spark, that passion and embodying it into our website design projects. We want you to dream and achieve, we dare you to Think Big! We love to work with passionate New Jersey entrepreneurs and visionaries. What sets you apart, what is your vibe? And how can we best distill that within your website design and development? These are things that we explore with our clients. We don’t just do website design or create marketing campaigns. We really connect with you, your goals, your challenges to find innovative ways to grow your business. We work to create a digital reality for your brand that really stands out, from website design to social media we do it all. Are you ready to cut through the noise?

Let us inspire you. Let us explore what defines you.

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” –M.C. Escher

We are the top Web Design Company in New Jersey. Our website design and development approach is modern and cutting edge and built to make your business stand out. Whether you need a NJ website design or a beautiful redesign we are here for you. Web Design and web development is more than just function, it is about connection, telling your story and driving your traffic to become sales. This is what our web design and development does for you.

Do you need the finest New Jersey logo design and branding agency? Well, hi, you came to the right place. As a highly skilled design company our logo design and branding makes an impact. If you’re not memorable and have a strong brand identity you will be forgotten. Your brand identity is your entire story: the colors and fonts you choose, the tone and messaging, the look and feel of your website design.

We are the digital marketing agency that knows how to get you seen by the right people. Whether using social media or digital advertising. We craft powerful advertising and social media marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. NJ digital marketing can be very competitive, and your success is our passion. Our clients experience large ROI’s on their campaigns and we build social media and online advertising strategies that are unique and authentic to your brand.

We are New Jersey Search Engine Optimization experts. We understand the ins and out to get your SEO ahead of your competition. From local SEO to GMB optimization we develop the most cost-effective strategies that are tailored to how your potential leads find you. Our NJ SEO clients sell tons of products, have full bookings and their phones ring off the hook. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best things to grow your revenue.

NJ Web Design

Radiant Elephant is one of the top Web Design Companies in New Jersey. Our approach to website design and development is simple. We build websites that are conversion driven, clean, and modern. We handle it all; new custom websites and website redesigns, E-Commerce web design and more. We are the top NJ WordPress Website Design Company. We design websites that build connections and tell your story while driving your sales.

NJ Branding Logo Design

We offer the best NJ logo design and branding services. Our logo design and graphic design work is done in-house by us. Right here in the U.S. A powerful logo design and branding is important to stand out in this competitive area. From the typography, the tone, colors and messaging to your website design. We are the NJ branding agency that makes an impact.

NJ Digital Marketing

Hiring the best NJ digital marketing agency for your business is an important decision. Our creative advertising and social media marketing campaigns are a hit with audiences. Driving sales like no other. We offer our clients high ROI through the digital advertising and social media marketing campaigns we design. Be unique, successful, and authentic with our NJ digital marketing services.


Radiant Elephant are the Search Engine Optimization experts of New Jersey. We know the path to get your SEO way ahead of the competition. Local SEO, Google My Business optimization are just some of the strategies we use to get your leads to find you in a cost-effective way. The clients we provide our NJ SEO services to have full bookings, phones ringing off the hook and generate a high ROI. SEO is one of the most powerful marketing services to increase business revenue.

What Are We All About?

We love form and function. Design and aesthetics. Whether it is clothing, interior design, architecture or a great website. Beauty is beauty. Good design tells a story without words. This is the school we come from. Nature is stunning, the perfect design unto itself. We feel design is one place where humans have stepped up to the skills of nature. A place where humankind thrives in originality.
We love high ceilings and exposed brick. We love a room that is beautifully designed. Our tastes tend towards modern and minimal with accents that stand out and give that tasteful pop of color. Our view of design runs throughout everything in our lives. Just like that perfectly cut jacket makes a person look and feel great, a wonderfully tailored design makes a brand look impeccable. We subconsciously judge everything through its design, so why would New Jersey web design and branding be any different?
We love music because the perfectly formulated design of melody makes you feel. The authentically expressed words and emotions in a movie make you laugh or cry. Design is everything. In the same context, marketing isn’t some formula or something you “do”. It is something that promotes a reaction. A visceral reaction of the human experience. We love an ad campaign that makes us laugh, that makes us feel, that connects. This is what we strive for in every NJ digital marketing project.
We take a balanced approach as an NJ web design company. Edge when it needs to be edgy, humorous when it needs to be humorous. We strive to be remembered. The best ads and marketing evoke feelings. They cut through the noise of the mundane and evoke a powerful human experience. It’s not a clever digital marketing campaign that sells a product. It’s the reaction it prompts. It’s the understanding of the audience that makes it stick. We go to a restaurant based on reviews and the menu. But we come back for exceptional service and food cooked with love and passion. We buy a piece of clothing because we need it or because it looks great, but we tell our friends about the brand because we align with the mission and feel of the company. What we do is make our clients audiences feel, love and connect. If this sounds like what you want from your brand, we should talk.

Our Featured Projects

See What Our Awesome Clients Say About Us


“I discovered Radiant Elephant through an online search when we were trying to re-brand and create a new website design for our dental office. We wanted something that reflected our practice and set us apart. I was immediately impressed with Gabe and the time he took to get to know us. He was able to turn our vision into a reality with a wonderful website and perfect logo! He truly takes time to understand his clients and works diligently to create an impressive, personalized product. He is very easy to work with and quite talented too!!
We love our new website design – and our patients do too! I would highly recommend Gabe and his company, Radiant Elephant!”

Erica DeFabio, DMD, DeFabio Dental Design


“Gabe (Radiant Elephant) is my go-to collaborator for SEO services. He is uniquely passionate and talented…always current on best practices in this rapidly changing field, thorough and on time, great at translating his expertise into layman’s terms, and lovely to work with! I always know my clients are in great hands when he’s aboard.”

Mary Wagner, Founder of MA Studio


“Gabe created a website that exceeded my expectations!! On time and on budget!….That’s basic bit, in reality he took the vision for what I hoped for, amplified and refined it into a website that more than ticked ALL the boxes. Best of all he made the whole process easy and fun. Definitely want to work with him again in the future.”

Paul Weller, VP of Ariel Gallery


“The team at Radiant Elephant created an effective and measurable social media presence for our company. Gabe is a pleasure to work with – his work is always totally customized to our current clients and focused on how to attract new clients. The RA team provides a useful, focused analysis at the end of each project. This team is passionate about what they do and it shows!! We will continue to work with Gabe and the team at Radiant Elephant – that’s the highest recommendation I can give!”

Dr. Ruthann Russo, Founder of SOHL


“I recently worked with Gabe to redesign my rather clunky site and he created a wonderful, lean and crisp new website design for my resilience life coaching business. Gabe was a pleasure to work with, fast, responsive and really good at translating my “Voice” into a site that feels like it puts my clients in touch with the real me and what I do very accurately! Thank you Gabe!”

Amy Kosh, An Unstoppable Life

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The RE Vision

We have always seen businesses and brands as living things. They have a personality, a tone. At least the great ones do. They make you feel a certain way. They are all unique. Finding a brand’s voice is what we do. Translating that into design and messaging is our passion. This is what gets us out of bed every morning.

We are storytellers, sharing your brands’ story by finding and connecting with the audience that truly resonates with what you do. understanding your ideal customers is such a huge part of being successful. Design and marketing are such a tasty blend of right and left brain, art, and science.

While we are purveyors of imagination we are also efficient and conscious of your budget. We blend research, stats, and strategy with curiosity, creativity, and curation.

Some of today’s most successful and innovative brands started in basements and garages because someone had the courage to think big. Do you?

SOHL – A Healthcare Startup.

Work done: Web Design, App Design, Marketing

SOHL is a wonderful company founded wit hteh mission to bring a deeper sense of personal and community wellness to hospitals and companies.

CPESN NJ – A Pharmacy Organization

Work done: Web Design, Content Writing

CPESN NJ is the New Jersey chanpter of the national CPESN. CPESN’s goal is to create a network of community pharamcists to help effect change to increase customer care and lowering healthcare costs.

DeFabio Dental Design – A NJ Dentist.

Work done: Brand Identity, Web Design, App Design, Marketing

SOHL is a wonderful company founded wit hteh mission to bring a deeper sense of personal and community wellness to hospitals and companies.

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