the peace of mind of watching your revenue steadily grow with very little of your time involved. Being a business owner is easier when you have the right team by your side.


the peace of mind of watching your revenue grow with very little of your time involved. Being a business owner is easier when you have the right team by your side.

Are Your NJ Digital Marketing Campaigns And Website Optimized to their fullest Potential?

It's very likely they're not. 

We’ve all learned a lot as business owners the past year. I know I have. The biggest takeaway is the sheer importance of our online presence.

Whether you offer a service, are a brick and mortar, or are an e-commerce brand doesn’t change that fact. 2020 made a lot of business owners reevaluate what's working and what's not.

Pivots are good because change is inevitable.

During this time I reevaluated my own business in a profound way. I dove even deeper into positioning, conversion rate optimization, and new SEO techniques. It led me to a realization.

We’ve been doing it all wrong.

I was doing it wrong. Almost every other digital marketing agency has been doing it wrong. And almost every business owner, through no fault of your own, have been doing it wrong.

We come out of this with a new vision for web design and marketing. A game-changing approach we have been crafting for months. A way for you to really be able to push your website and marketing to its fullest potential.

If you're not changing the game you're chasing it.

If you're not changing the game you're chasing it.

I can't rave highly enough about how wonderful it is working with Radiant Elephant.

As a small business owner, it can get totally overwhelming managing all the different things on your plate. Over the past 2 years, I've worked with Radiant Elephant for everything from website design to branding, lead magnet design, Facebook ad strategy, posters, and much more.

I highly recommend Radiant Elephant, I love working with them!

- Julie Hartigan

We offer a fresh approach to digital marketing and web design.

Best case scenario?

You have a website developed, it looks nice. You get calls and clicks from it. Maybe you get some SEO done or run some AdWords. The conversion rate is good. You're making a profit.

But what aren't you seeing?

How are people engaging with your website on a granular level? How powerful and truly in line with the buying process are your marketing funnels?

Why are people leaving your website without taking an action?

It could be because the website is SEO'd for the wrong search intent. It could be improper audience targeting. It could be that your website takes a decade to load. There is a myriad of possible challenges.

Every visitor that finds you by organic search, social media, or PPC that leaves your website without taking a buying action is an opportunity to learn.

Through advanced tracking and split testing we optimize everything to convert better. This data is actionable across every digital expression of your business.

The old way relies on luck. The new way relies on data and instinct.

Web Design

Your website will become a powerful force for your business growth. You don’t just want a web designer, you want a web design and development team that understands the psychological triggers that lead to conversions and sales. Your website will also be gorgeous too. You don’t have to settle.

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Is your branding really connecting? Is it cohesive? Does it truly speak to your audience and communicate your brand's values? Brand Identity is your story. More than just a logo it is your words, your tone, your colors, and fonts. Do you want to be memorable?

Digital Marketing

Do you control your revenue, or does your revenue control you? Great digital marketing puts the power in your hands. With us, as your team, you will have access to the latest breakthrough tactics and strategies that will drive your revenue.

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We’ll spare you the jargon. What our SEO does is drive traffic to your site.  Do you want more traffic that is looking for exactly what you offer? We keep it simple and powerful. Many of our clients were on page 1 for revenue-generating keywords in the first few months.


Ever heard image is everything? Maybe it’s not everything, but it plays a huge part in differentiation and building trust. Authenticity is a powerful force in marketing. Studies show that even if someone doesn’t consciously know an image is a stock photo, subconsciously they do.

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What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say.

RE has 5 star ratings on Google and Facebook.

What we do

Check Out Our Work.

DeFabio Dental Design
Branding + Website Design + Photography + Content Writing

Dr. Edward and Erica DeFabio, the Father/Daughter team that heads DeFabio Dental Design contacted us for a complete overhaul of their current dental practice website, branding, and social media for the evolution of their dental practice, DeFabio Dental Design. They came to us to design something truly different. With the core message of their brand being that they are a step above, they wanted a site that spoke to their brand differentiation.

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best NJ digital marketing agency
App Design + Website Design

Dr. Russo, the founder of SOHL, and the SOHLx App came to us initially for our internet marketing expertise, specifically our social media strategies and digital marketing. Once that was underway we were asked to redesign the current healthcare website, design a desktop prototype of the app as well as having us work on the UX/UI of the SOHLx app. We were happy to take it on and the results have been wonderful.

Pulp Asbury Park
Website Design + Instagram Strategy

Our good friend Rise came to us when it came time for the reopening of her Asbury Park-based Smoothie Bar, Pulp. We are happy to have been a part of helping Pulp grow. We started with their social media by helping get the Instagram profile to really pop. Then we dove into creating an amazing website featuring online ordering. The fun branding was done by a very talented friend which gave us a vibe-filled and fun direction.

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How we do it

Questions you may have.

Every website has different needs. There is no one size fits all. So there are variations in scope and this effects the cost of your web design. How many pages you need plays a large role as does functions such as a blog, online booking, and e-commerce. We also offer great add-ons like content writing and photography.

That said our web design and development prices start at $5,000 and go up from there. Our average web design and development project costs $10,000.

We offer a free 20 minutes consultation to help you determine the scope of the project and then send you a no-pressure proposal that breaks down the costs for you.

A lot of factors determine the timeframe, specifically the size of the project and the delivery of assets.

The average website takes most New Jersey digital marketing agencies 12-24 weeks from design to launch. We do it in a third of the time. Most projects are completed within 6-8 weeks from asset delivery.

The sooner the new site is launched the sooner it can start ranking and providing you a return on your investment. We also offer expedited priority for an additional fee when a rush job is necessary.

We believe in building relationships with each and every client. The better we get to know you the better we can understand your real vision and goals. Our owners work on every project and you will not be pawned off to an Account Manager, we don’t believe in them. Our owners bring their expertise to every project no matter how big or small. When you call us you will talk directly to an owner and we maintain that level of care throughout the relationship.

We get a lot of clients that come to us and tell us it took forever for them to hear back from their former New Jersey design and digital marketing company. We put our clients first. We get back to almost all emails and calls the same day, or at the latest the next day.

If it is an emergency we respond within hours, often minutes. We are a digital marketing agency that offers the best customer service in New Jersey. 

You want your accountant to wear a suit, you want your design and digital marketing team to have style and do cool things. We are all artists, musicians, and overall artsy creative people that love to have fun. This fun is contagious. We make your entire experience exciting and easy. This is why we do unique work and why we strive to help our New Jersey clients stand out.

Our web design and development and marketing experts are 100% based in the U.S. We are headquartered in Asbury Park, NJ. Our team is based all over the country.

Many other full-service New Jersey web design and digital marketing companies charge clients a ton then outsource the work for pennies on the dollar. We don't do that, because the work suffers and because we feel that is dishonest. We are a U.S. based digital marketing agency that does all work in-house. 

We work with businesses of all sizes and all industries. Our skillsets are based on disrupting current design and marketing norms. Many businesses hire web design and marketing agencies that specialize in their niche. What happens then is that these companies regurgitate the same designs, SEO, content, and marketing strategies for all of the businesses they work with.

This makes the ground wide open for disruption. By disruption we mean being unique, standing out, and most important, being memorable. The competitive advantage this gives our clients is massive. This lets us position our clients for success that is powerful and sustainable.

Of course! We love working with marketing teams. We are not a replacement for your current marketing team, but we add a lot to your current marketing strategies.

We analyze and look for any gaps that we can fill and work with your digital marketing team to strengthen these gaps. Whether it is lead generation, SEO, or conversion optimization.

We are fun and friendly and our client's marketing teams love working with us.

Absolutely. We offer several options for post-launch.

Maintenance: We handle all of the backups, updates, and monitor your site for any issues and solve them. We offer larger maintenance plans that include content changes, images swaps, and more.

We also offer plans to improve your website and conversions. We don’t think a website is ever really “done”. Once the website is live and traffic is analyzed there is data that gives us actionable insights into how to improve your website conversions.

We handle all aspects of digital marketing. Whether you need email marketing, social media ads, or management or PPC ads we got you covered.

We work tirelessly to get you the best conversion rates at the lowest costs. We do this with extensive split testing and competitive research. To give an example of what we do a client came to us to use Facebook ads to grow their email list. We consulted on and created a beautiful E-Book, built out a high performing landing page, and then write and designed the ads. Over a span of 2 months, we got the cost per conversion down to $0.31 from $1.42.

We are also SEO experts. We know how to get your website to rank for the most profitable keywords.

We adore listening and finding your inspiration and sharing that spark, that passion. We want you to dream and achieve, we dare you to Think Big! We love to work with passionate New Jersey entrepreneurs and visionaries. What sets you apart, what is your vibe? These are things that we explore with our clients.

We don’t just design sites or create digital marketing campaigns. We really connect with you, your goals, and your challenges to find innovative ways to grow your business. We work to create a digital reality for your brand that really stands out and makes an impression.

We offer the most beautiful modern and conversion-driven website designs, digital marketing, digital strategy, and search engine optimization services. When it comes to design and marketing we don't mess around. When it comes to ranking on search engines we crush it with our understanding of content marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is one of our specialties. We design to engage with YOUR audience. Our design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization drives traffic and turns that traffic into profit. Simple as that. We are a full-service New Jersey digital marketing agency that helps brands make an impression. 

You're either the one changing the game, or the one chasing it. Which one do you want to be?