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We value beauty. The beauty of stunning form, the beauty of a perfectly intuited user experience, and of course the beauty of high conversions. We strive for honest designs that speak to the user. Creating branding that is authentic and highlights the uniqueness of your business. SEO that not only ranks high but compels the searcher to visit. Marketing that opens communication and inspires curiosity. We put great care and thought into every step in the wondrously orchestrated experiences we create.

Radiant Elephant is about creating the landscape for your brand to flourish. The creative support to find itself. Just like people, brands are in a constant state of evolution. Changing, adapting to the world around us. Always striving for a more resolved identity. What is life without movement and growth? Boring. That’s what it is.

We love to hear about new projects and meet new visionaries. It gets us all hopped up and chatty. We love solving challenges and breaking down walls. If there’s something in your way, what better friend than a radiant elephant?



I spent many years working in the Food, Service and Hospitality Industry. During those years, in various different settings, I learned what factors lead to the success or failure of an establishment. I have a deep knowledge of how to market these brands for maximum ROI and customer awareness. Your Digital Identity is of the highest importance. Most people use online resources and reviews to determine where they eat and stay. A magnificently executed mixed media campaign of Web Design, Social Media Channel Design, Commercial Photography and Online Advertising creates an unbeatable edge in the dog eat dog markets.


Building the online presence of a business is quite different than the strategy to gain awareness for a fine artist, photographer, musician, crafts worker etc. R.E, has profound experience in these scenes and can create very powerful awareness campaigns leading to an increase in sales, leads, gigs, and commissions. Being that we are all artists and musicians we understand that a different kind of creativity is needed for marketing the arts. There is a whole world of niche sites and avenues of engagement for every facet of artistry that exists and in these markets social dialog, design and presence are pivotal. At any level of current exposure, we possess extensive and innovative techniques to promote and gain awareness.


We all truly understand those interests and lifestyles we hold deep love and passion for. R.E. feels this way about all things holistic, health, and spiritual in nature. In addition to social marketing and being a musician I practice Chi Kung, study Traditional Chinese Medicine and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. We have great ideas and strong connections to grow your business. Whether you are a Health Food Store, Yoga Studio, Energy Worker or Alternative Healthcare Practitioner we can build community and foster brand advocacy.


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