About Radiant Elephant – NJ Web Design & Marketing Agency

Our Vision Statement

We love form and function. Design and aesthetics. Whether it is clothing, interior design, architecture or a great website. Beauty is beauty. Good design tells a story without words. This is the school we come from. Nature is stunning, the perfect design unto itself. I feel design is one place where humans have stepped up to the skills of nature. A place where humankind thrives in originality.

We love high ceilings and exposed brick. We love a room that is perfectly designed. Our tastes tend towards modern and minimal with accents that stand out and give that tasteful pop of color. Our view of design runs throughout everything in our lives. Just like that perfectly cut jacket makes a person look and feel great, a perfectly tailored design makes a brand look impeccable. We subconsciously judge everything through its design, so why would branding be any different?

We love music because the perfectly formulated design of melody makes you feel. The perfectly expressed words and emotions in a movie make you laugh or cry. Design is everything. In the same context, marketing isn’t some formula or something you “do”. It is something that promotes a reaction. A visceral reaction of the human experience. We love an ad campaign that makes us laugh, that makes us feel, that connects. This is what we strive for in every project.

We take a balanced approach to our work. Edge when it needs to be edgy, humorous when it needs to be humorous. We strive to be remembered. The best ads and marketing evoke feeling. They cut through the noise of the mundane and evoke a powerful human emotion. It’s not a clever marketing campaign that sells a product. It’s the reaction it prompts. We go to a restaurant based on reviews and the menu. But we come back for exceptional service and food cooked with love and passion. We buy a piece of clothing because we need it or because it looks great, but we tell our friends about the brand because we align with the mission, with the feel of the company. What we do is make our clients audiences feel, love and connect. If this sounds like what you want from your brand, we should talk.

Gabriel Bertolo, Founder & Creative Director

Hi, my name is Gabriel. I am the founder of Radiant Elephant. I studied marketing in college and spent a lot of time in various facets of marketing and advertising. Combined with the knowledge and experience I am also an artist. I have been a musician since I was 11 and a visual artist and writer my whole life. I love creating. I love designing. I love solving problems.

I have a vibrant spiritual life as well. It is a large part of who I am. I feel this aspect of my life just makes me even better at what I do. After time in the industry, I realized there is a lack of honesty, transparency and great customer service. These are the values I instill in Radiant Elephant.

Radiant Elephant is a curated collective of extremely talented individuals that embody the values of RE. Photography, programming, content writing are just some of the resources to make your project become what it needs to be. We are agile in crafting the right set of skills for any project no matter how large or small. Lean or large and always highly focused.



I spent many years working in the Food, Service and Hospitality Industry. During those years, in various different settings, I learned what factors lead to the success or failure of an establishment. I have a deep knowledge of how to market these brands for maximum ROI and customer awareness. Your Digital Identity is of the highest importance. Most people use online resources and reviews to determine where they eat and stay. A magnificently executed mixed media marketing campaign for Web Design, Social Media Channel Design, Commercial Photography and Online Advertising creates an unbeatable edge in the dog eat dog markets.


Building the online presence of a business is quite different than the marketing strategy to gain awareness for a fine artist, photographer, musician, crafts worker etc. Radiant Elephant has profound experience in these scenes and can create very powerful awareness campaigns leading to an increase in sales, leads, gigs, and commissions. Being that we are all artists and musicians we understand that a different kind of creativity is needed for marketing the arts. There is a whole world of niche sites and avenues of engagement for every facet of artistry that exists and in these markets powerful branding, design, and online presence are pivotal. At any level of current exposure, we possess extensive and innovative techniques to promote and gain awareness.


We all truly understand those interests and lifestyles we hold deep love and passion for. Radiant Elephant feels this way about all things holistic, health, and spiritual in nature. In addition to marketing and being a musician I practice Chi Kung, study Traditional Chinese Medicine and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. We have great ideas and strong connections to grow your business. Whether you are a Health Food Store, Yoga Studio, Energy Worker or Alternative Healthcare Practitioner we can build community and foster brand advocacy.

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