Comparing WordPress vs Shopify for Ecommerce Web Design in 2023

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Comparing WordPress vs Shopify for Ecommerce in 2023 Choosing the right ecommerce website design platform for your online store is a crucial decision. In a world where time and resources are limited, making the right choice can save you from headaches and potential financial losses. In this comparison of “WordPress vs Shopify for ecommerce”, we…

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E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Guide


There are pros and cons to having your entire business e-commerce. One huge pro is that during the pandemic many people ended up buying online, so e-commerce stores tended to do very well. One downside is that you don’t get walk-in traffic and the sales process is very different. In a store, people can see,…

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Why It’s Important To Build Trust With Your Website Visitors


Do you know what attribute kills conversions? The one thing that can destroy a potential customer’s consideration of your brand? The one main thing that most people overlook when designing a website? The thing that no matter how beautiful the site is, no matter how great it ranks on Google its lack will just obliterate…

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What To Know Before Hiring A Web Designer


Hiring a web designer can be a hard decision. Prices range all over the place, many people don’t know what really makes a great website, and it’s hard to know what expectations to have for both the final product and what it will actually do to drive revenue. I wanted to write this article to…

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How Much Does Web Design & Development Cost?


Web Design is one of those services where the price can vary drastically. Even doing a quick Google search you will see companies offering web design and development for as low as $199 to as much as $50,000 plus. Using a more reputable service listing site like Design Rush when searching for Web Designers In…

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How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure


WordPress Security One thing people tend to overlook when maintaining their site after the web design and development is complete is keeping it secure. Some web designers themselves do not put in place the proper practices to make sure a client’s site is as secure as it can be. In this day and age, online…

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Site Should Have


Essential WordPress Plugins One of the most useful aspects of developing a website on WordPress is the sheer volume of almost every kind of plugin you can imagine. At the time of writing, there are over 57,308 WordPress plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, and more are being added constantly. Plugins are vital for websites…

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Squarespace vs WordPress


What Is The Best Business Web Design Solution For You?   First of all, though this site is built on the WordPress platform don’t assume this article is biased in any way. Sadly many of these types of articles end up sounding more like a glorified sales pitch than an honest breakdown of the pros…

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7 Reasons You Need Your Website Redesigned

do you need a website redesign

Do You Need A Website Redesign? Have you been wondering if it is time for a website redesign for your business? Chances are it is probably a good idea. Your website is your most important digital asset, possibly your most important business asset. What would people think if they came into your place of business…

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