5 Reasons You Need Your Website Redesigned

Do You Need A Website Redesign?

Have you been wondering if it is time for a website redesign for your business? Chances are it is probably a good idea. Your website is your internet base, what would people think if they came into your place of business and it was outdated and messy? The same applies to your website.

Yes, it can be an expense and an endeavor, especially if you go the proper route and hire someone to design it unless you happen to be a seasoned web designer. The effects a cleanly coded and modern website can have on your business is truly astounding, and one of the most important investments you can make.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you might need a website redesign.


1. Responsive Design

Quite the buzzword in marketing and design circles. While people may hear responsive and think, I need that because it sounds sexy, this is no fad and is certainly not going anywhere.

So what does responsive mean? Responsive means that your site changes its layout behavior based on what medium it is being viewed on, whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is very important especially as recent Nielsen stats show that desktop usage is down 4%, and mobile usage is up 84%. With so many people visiting sites on mobile it is more important than ever for your site to respond to these changes. If your website is not mobile-responsive you really need a redesign.


2. Flash Is The Past

Flash was all the rage in web design a number of years ago. So many people fell for the content that Flash allowed. As technology has evolved Flash has been left behind.

Why? The flash on your site, more than likely will not show up properly, if at all on many mobile devices. Apple’s mobile products, Ipads, and iPhones do not support Flash. On top of that, fewer people are using Flash on their desktops. If you think someone is going to download Flash just to see your website, you are quite mistaken. The other big faux pas of flash is that sites with Flash take much longer to load than their modern HTML5 websites. Web visitors rarely wait more than 5 seconds for a site to load. That back button grows more and more tempting as the seconds roll by.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Maybe when you had your site designed a number of years ago the designer was knowledgeable of SEO and handled at least on-site SEO for you.

As the landscape of digital constantly changes, SEO strategies from years past are simply not applicable anymore. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly altering their algorithms, and over years these changes could be severely affecting your search ranking. Let’s say you had a web designer or SEO specialist optimize your site 5 years ago. At that time certain “black hat”, aka cheating, SEO tactics were common. Today these same tactics can get you blacklisted from Google, and have serious negative effects on your web traffic.


4. Update Content

One of the best things to help generate web traffic is freshly updated content. I personally update my website often. If you have had your site for a number of years then you most likely have not updated much content. Redesigning your site affords you a chance to revamp our written content. Every industry changes, it is important to keep your image fresh and on the cutting-edge. Search engines also LOVE site updates, they will not highly rank a site that looks like it may be abandoned. Updating content shows that you are very much alive, kicking, and evolving. A good blog can help solve this, but it must be an onsite blog to do so.

5. Social Shares

Yup, if you had happened to have our website designed 4-5 years ago, chances are your site is not flush with social shares or social media icons. Social Shares are the buttons and things that 1) push your content into social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and 2) allows people the easy option of liking or following your brand’s social media pages. These are very important especially as we move deeper and deeper into the mobile-social reality. If you are a Photographer that for instance does not have a Pinterest button near your images, you are missing out on exposure. People like easy. Someone is much more likely to share a page they like if there is a little button right there telling them to do it.


A few last words of advice.

    • Your website should be redesigned every 5 years minimum.


    • Do not do it yourself if you are not a graphic designer or web designer.


    Try to include at least on-site SEO into the web design package.

Web design can be a complicated task. Radiant Elephant features some amazing web design packages that meet all of the criteria above. Do you feel there are other aspects of web design that are important I may have missed?

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