A great website is thought out and provoking. It’s unique and relevant to your brand. Great web design speaks to the user. It’s a magical blend of form and function, art and experience. It implements User Experience principles because it understands the human mind and perception. A great web design company understands and implements this.

Great website design anticipates the visitor’s needs and gently prods them in the direction we want them to go in. It connects with the audience because it understands the audience. It is self-actualized because it knows itself. It understands the brand voice, it has goals and purpose. A life path if you will.

Great web design is flashy when it needs to speak to that. And clean and simple when that is what is needed to reach its goals. A great web design is ever evolving. It is not stagnant. It is on a quest to understand and serve its purpose better in every iteration. If your goals shift your website shifts to achieve these goals. Above all, great web design is honest and intuitive.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile browsing accounts for over 60% of internet browsing. So it becomes more and more crucial to have a site that works flawlessly on mobile devices. We design mobile first. Our design philosophy is focused on providing a stunning and easy experience across all devices.

Web Design That Converts

Every aspect of your new site is well thought out. We don’t waste space and we design to keep your visitors focused. We create wonderfully beautiful user experience-based sites that reach your goals. Whether you are selling products, generating leads or want to increase your brick and mortar visitors we have the experience we make your goals a reality.

Fast Turnaround & Impeccable Customer Service

This is our philosophy. We believe that your web design is the gateway to your brand. We only take on a certain number of projects per month so we can dedicate the time needed to make sure each client gets all the attention they need. We don’t believe in mundane sites that are just thrown together. The websites we design get results. They drive sales and increase revenue. From choosing the best web host for you to ongoing website maintenance we handle it all. We respond quickly to issues and are always just an email, phone call or text away from anything you may need.

Many of our clients came from other designers that took forever to respond to emails and took even longer to do requested changes to the site. We are the anti-that. We reply to 99% of emails within 24 hours, and requests for work are typically done in a few days. We offer the best customer service for an NJ web design company.

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Our web design clients aren’t just happy, they’re radiant.

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I recently worked with Radiant Elephant to redesign my rather clunky site and they created a wonderful, lean and crisp new website for my resilience life coaching business. Gabe was a pleasure to work with, fast, responsive and really good at translating my “Voice” into a site that feels like it puts my clients in touch with the real me and what I do very accurately! Thank you, Gabe!

Amy Kosh, Owner of An Unstoppable Life


Radiant Elephant is adept at taking a vision and realizing it in the form of a website that is beautiful to look at and easy to use. The finished site presents the high-end and professional gallery we wanted. The site came together rapidly and on budget. It was a wonderful experience. 

Paul Weller, VP of Ariel Gallery


The staff at Radiant Elephant were receptive to the needs of my business and have far exceeded any expectations I may have had. They were able to design and customize my site to perfectly match the vision I communicated to them.

Nick Valenti, CEO Metropolitan Wholesale, Urban Flower Market

It’s hard to imagine, but not every NJ web design company focuses on mobile-first web design. We do. It’s one of the reasons our clients rank high, but also why their website visitors are happy. There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website on your phone or tablet and not being able to read the text or navigate the site without zooming. It’s a hassle, it’s out of fashion and it is just a bad user experience. Over 60% of web traffic is mobile. And that number is just going to keep going up.

We design, first and foremost, with mobile devices in mind. Then we build out up through the larger devices to add more great design aspects that work best on larger devices. We do this to ensure a beautiful, easy to use and impressive website design no matter what device the visitor is using.

We don’t mess around. And we don’t try to nickel and dime you with needed functions like contact forms, social media sharing. Other NJ web design companies will quote a cheap price and then upcharge you for everything under the sun. We don’t play that game. Your website needs certain things to be functional and to be the very best sales machine it can be.

We do offer certain recommended up charges like Google Analytics setup, a blog, on-site SEO. These are separate to allow the budget conscious to find a way to work with us, but also so that the rare business model that doesn’t rely on ranking, doesn’t need a blog or doesn’t find use in tracking website data don’t have to pay for things they don’t need.

Many of our competitors take months, sometimes half a year or more to get your website finished. We think that is just ridiculous. We only take on a few clients at a time so we can really devote our creative resources to getting your website up quickly. Of course, a lot of this depends on the client. But if you get us the assets we need quickly, and are responsive and quickly review and make decisions we will get it finished quick.

Most of our websites launch within 2 months of delivery of all assets. The sooner your new site is live, the sooner it will start making money for you.

We take great pride in the success of the websites we design. We work with you to achieve your goals. Sometimes that means telling you an idea is not conducive to your goals. But that is why you hire us. We are not design monkeys. If you want an NJ web design company to just design whatever you want without expertise, input, and research there are plenty of other, cheaper options out there.

If you really value success and want a website design that will convert traffic to clients, create a beautiful and easy to use experience for your visitors, and a website that will truly set you apart from your competition while portraying your brand in a powerful and evocative way we are the best choice. 

We aren’t just an NJ web design company. We are a full-service creative marketing agency. Don’t get us wrong, a website is the single most important digital asset your business has, and we are NJ web design experts. But we prefer to see this as the starting point. You see, we build relationships. We have the occasional client that we do one or two projects for and choose to handle everything else themselves. But the majority of our clients find it easier and cost effective to have us handle multiple aspects of marketing and design.

We are there for our clients and quickly and affordably execute any ideas, and to work to achieve any goals. Our list of expertise is vast; expert SEO services, modern and powerful branding and logo design, online advertising, social media marketing. We do it all.

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