Search Engine Optimization Explained Simply

SEO explained simply

SEO can be a confusing topic. It’s such a powerful asset for businesses to rank high in search results, but it’s hard to know what you’re getting and why search engine optimization is beneficial if you don’t understand what it is. In this article, I’m going to explain what search engine optimization is, why it’s…

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5 Tips To Offer Great Customer Service


5 Great Customer Service Tips Poor customer service just doesn’t have a place in our modern business landscape. Your customer experience plays a huge part in your brand identity and positioning. No matter what your service or goods that you offer there are a plethora of other choices your customer has. Often times it comes…

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The Ultimate Small Business Checklist


The Checklist For Your Small Business As we welcome the new year it is a great time to look at different aspects of your business to see where you can improve. The death blow of a brand is stagnation. Even if sales are good, they can always be better. As technology advances, there are more…

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How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure


WordPress Security One thing people tend to overlook when maintaining their site after the web design and development is complete is keeping it secure. Some web designers themselves do not put in place the proper practices to make sure a client’s site is as secure as it can be. In this day and age, online…

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Understanding Color Psychology For Your Brand

color psychology for branding

The Psychology Of Color In Your Branding Colors are such a crucial element of our day-to-day lives. Every day we are bombarded by the beauty and psychological effects color has on us. Today I am speaking of color in terms of your brand identity. Randomly picking a color scheme you are drawn to as the…

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Site Should Have


Essential WordPress Plugins One of the most useful aspects of developing a website on WordPress is the sheer volume of almost every kind of plugin you can imagine. At the time of writing, there are over 57,308 WordPress plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, and more are being added constantly. Plugins are vital for websites…

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7 Bruce Lee Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Know

quotes for entrepreneurs

Great Quotes To Help Every Entrepreneur Bruce Lee was more than just a ridiculously awesome martial artist and movie star, he was a deep thinker. Like all greats, no matter what their passion was, what made them great was the depth to which they strove to understand all elements of things. Bruce Lee literally kicked…

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