How To Properly Brand Your Business

how to properly brand your business

Tips For Branding Your Business   What makes for great branding? I ponder this often, whenever I am out and about I love looking at different businesses; their business cards, logo, and websites to see how strong their branding is. Sometimes I am really taken back by a mom and pop with no marketing experience…

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How To Market Your Business On Twitter


Using Twitter To Market Your Business Twitter is one of the more misunderstood social media marketing platforms. I’ll admit, it can be a little intimidating to get into the flow of it at first. Hence why there are so many profiles you come across that have 4 followers and the default gravatar as the profile…

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How To Handle Bad Online Reviews

handling negative online reviews

Reputation Management For Negative Online Reviews Bad reviews happen. You can’t please everyone all of the time. Sometimes this leads to negative word of mouth, which spreads like wildfire unknown to you. Once that happens there is nothing you can do about it. Having a crisis management strategy in play for handling bad online reviews…

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Understanding SEO For Your Small Business

SEO Guide For Small Businesses

Small Business SEO Guide   I imagine when many business owners hear the term SEO it reminds them of The Wizard Of Oz. At least I know this is what I thought of it years ago when I became aware of it. These days it can be very hard to take SEO seriously when every…

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8 Questions To Ask Your Business


Optimizing Brand Growth Through Interrogation   Just like with many things in life people tend to fall into patterns. Levels of comfort that lead to stagnation and inevitably prevent us from succeeding and our brand from growing. This scenario rings true very often when we are an entrepreneur. When we begin our business venture we…

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5 Great New Free Fonts

best free fonts

Typography is such a crucial element of any creative design and brand identity. Whether it is for logo design, web design, or graphic design your font choice is what creates the mood of the body of work. Let’s face it, there are thousands of fonts out there. As a designer, it can be a frustrating…

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How To Nurture Brand Loyalty

How To Nurture Brand Loyalty

Best Ways To Increase Brand Loyalty Today’s topic is a little more abstract than some of my past posts. What is Brand Loyalty? Every business owner knows that it wants it from its customers, but how often do they go about creating and nurturing it? It is only through good judgment calls, exceptional customer service,…

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Squarespace vs WordPress


What Is The Best Business Web Design Solution For You?   First of all, though this site is built on the WordPress platform don’t assume this article is biased in any way. Sadly many of these types of articles end up sounding more like a glorified sales pitch than an honest breakdown of the pros…

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7 Reasons You Need Your Website Redesigned

do you need a website redesign

Do You Need A Website Redesign? Have you been wondering if it is time for a website redesign for your business? Chances are it is probably a good idea. Your website is your most important digital asset, possibly your most important business asset. What would people think if they came into your place of business…

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5 Social Media Mistakes Musicians Make


In future articles, I will be sure to elaborate more on how to engage and establish a strong musical brand and online marketing presence. But first I felt obliged to share with musicians what NOT to do. The things that can be death blows to how you’re perceived by venue owners, potential connections, and most…

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