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Dr.’s Edward and Erica DeFabio, the Father/Daughter team that heads DeFabio Dental Design contacted us for a complete overhaul of their current dental practice website and branding for the evolution of their dental practice, DeFabio Dental Design. They came to us to design something truly different. As the core message of their brand is that they are a step above they wanted a site that spoke to thier brands differentiation.

They wanted clean and modern, and a site that really shared the exquisite care they offer their patients. We first began with the branding and logo design. They wanted to implement the colors of their shared alma mater, Georgetown University. We took this palette and expanded it to add some more vibrancy. We went with a logo that is corporate enough, but still was far enough from the run of the mill dentist logo. They didn’t teeth or a smiling face that is so prevelant in dental logos.

Once the logo was complete we took the vibe and jumped into the content writing while out sister company, Feather & Root, handled the lifestyle branding photography shoot for the images of the site. As DeFabio Dental Design didn’t want stock imagery, but imagery that truly captured them and the care they offer. For the content we went for engaging and warm, true to the brands image.

Once we had all of teh assets we went to work to design a beautifully clean and modern website that shows the visitor the exceptional work they do. It also speaks to the visitor that just as the tagline we created expresses, that they treat people, not just teeth. This NJ website design loads fast and is specially designed to look beautiful across desktops and is a beautiful work of mobile web design.

Work performed: Branding, Web Design, Content Writing, SEO

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“I recently worked with Gabe to redesign my rather clunky site and he created a wonderful, lean and crisp new website for my resilience life coaching business. Gabe was a pleasure to work with, fast, responsive and really good at translating my “Voice” into a site that feels like it puts my clients in touch with the real me and what I do very accurately! Thank you Gabe!”
-Amy Kosh, Owner of An Unstoppable Life

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