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5 Great New Free Fonts

Typography is such a crucial element of any creative design and brand identity. Whether it is for logo design, web design, or graphic design your font choice is what creates the mood of the body of work. Let’s face it, there are thousands of fonts out there. As a designer, it can be a frustrating task to figure out what is free for personal and commercial use. You know it has happened to you. You are browsing a free font site, and boom, one strikes you as being just what you need for a project. But alas, they did not post the rights to it, leaving you wondering what to do. Email the font creator and hope for a speedy answer, take a gamble, and use it anyway or just move on and try to find a different option.

This is the first installation of the best 5 fresh, free font articles. Some will be quirky, some will be tame, but all will be free and ready to use. So without further ado, let’s see the newest fonts!



Canter typeface was created by Fontfabric and Christopher Lee. It is an all-caps contemporary condensed typeface in 6 weights. Clean, modern, and beautiful, this typeface will find a wonderful home as an easy to read, attention-grabbing headline or title for a non-commercial project. Click here to download it.



Baron is a unique and clean uppercase font that you can use for personal and commercial projects the only stipulation is no derivatives. Created by Frank Hemmekam, this beautiful classic sans serif font is great for headlines, titles, and poster design. Click here to download it for free.



If you are looking for a wonderful clean brush script font Braxton, designed by Fontfabric, is your answer. Freely available for personal use only, it is a great tool when you want a clean script font. Click Here to download.



Flex Display font comes from Brazil, created by Alvaro Thomaz. This font is free for commercial use with attribution and no derivatives. Great for branding, design, and a unique web font. Flex will suit many uses, and the typography community owes a great big thank you to Alvaro for his beautiful openwork. Click here to download it.



Cuprum is the brainchild of Russia’s Ivan Gladkikh. This unique narrow Grotesque is free for personal use only. Clean and modern it has a wide range of uses for the most discerning graphic designer. Click here to take a look and download it for free.

Hope you enjoy it! That is all for now. If you make anything with these fonts feel free to paste a link in the comments so everyone can check it out!

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