NJ Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective NJ digital marketing channels to your customers. Whether someone is a customer or not, getting into their inbox creates a long form dialogue and keeps you in their mind. We design successful email campaigns. We streamline the process completely through the funnel.

Email Collection

We all hate pop ups. But they are so effective at getting email addresses. There is an art to getting that email though. We design beautiful incentivized channels to build your email list and in turn your digital marketing. We do this by developing an Email Capture Strategy that is in line with your brand identity. Dependent on the brand and audience we utilize different paths to make your email marketing successful. From exit intent pop ups that offer an ebook or a discount to facebook ads to grow your email list, we do it all.

Email Marketing Setup

Today there are some great options for automating aspects of your email marketing. What makes providers like mailchimp so impressive is the ability to segment lists and split test email marketing campaigns. Getting these programs set up properly is crucial. We are experts at setting up with the leading email marketing systems. Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Hubspot are the top of the game.

List Segmentation

List segmentation allows for amazing flexibility in an email marketing campaign. The promotional emails we send to current clients can differ greatly than the message you want to convey to someone that added their email to download your e-book. For email marketing to be successful, the message must be tailored to the audience.

Split Testing

It is amazing the effect the slightest change can have on the click rates within an email. Change that call to action button to red and have a 30% increase in click through. Send that email on a Wednesday at noon versus Thursday at 9am, see that open rate go up 15%. We manage campaigns and test extensively to find the perfect storm for high engagement.

Campaign Creation

Simply sending out a weekly email with the special of the week may yield decent results, but really planning out a coherent campaign with strong brand messaging yields exceptional results. We handle the planning, vision, scheduling and content creation to achieve any goal you have in mind. Want to increase winter bookings? We can make that happen. Are you looking to get tons of pre-sales on a new product release? We can make that happen too.

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