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Knowing how to leverage social media marketing and social media advertising can make or break your company. Team up with the top Social Media Marketing company and watch your brand awareness grow.

NJ Social Media Marketing made easy and profitable

Digital Advertising with a high ROI

Take control of your revenue generation and discover a true competitive advantage. Social Media Marketing has the ability to completely transform your business. There is no cookie-cutter social media strategy that works.

You need an NJ Social Media Marketing agency that crafts a custom digital marketing strategy based on your goals and your target market.

Whether you are a national e-commerce brand or a local business you get the most innovative social media marketing strategy with us as your marketing team.


Owning a business is hard enough, your marketing doesn't have to be

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Social Media Marketing is not just posting on Instagram in the hope you land some business. The approach to Social Media Marketing that you get with us is different than the tired old strategies.

Determining the right platforms and strategy is crucial to leveraging social media to really benefit your business.

Aspects of what you can expect from your social media campaigns:

Social Media Management: You get amazing growth of your target audience with great content that gets attention.

Digital Advertising: You get the finest Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads, Podcast Ads.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing can be a great fit for certain industries.


Boost your revenue and brand awareness in 5 easy steps


Book your free consultation

You tell me your challenges and your goals so I can create the best plan for your budget.

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Social Media Marketing Audit

By looking at your complete digital presence we can discover your strengths and weaknesses.

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Strategy Design

I create a completely custom, hand-crafted social marketing strategy.


The magic begins

I can say that because I have literally been called magical by more than one client.

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You see results

More sales, more leads, more calls, more traffic, more clicks, more clients, and more revenue.

"What struck me immediately was Gabe's communication style which is super thorough and clear. There's no question I hesitated to ask. You can tell there's a lot of thought, research, and care along with all the technical expertise that he puts into his clients."

- Lausanne Miller, Founder of Lausanne Jewelry


He truly takes time to understand his clients and works diligently to create an impressive, personalized product. I would highly recommend Gabe and his company, Radiant Elephant!

Erica DeFabio, DMD, DeFabio Dental Design


It was great working with Gabe. He really researched our market and made insightful suggestions that proved to be very effective. I would recommend Radiant Elephant to anyone looking to build an awesome new website or just to increase web traffic.

Michael Castellano, President, CANY

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The team at Radiant Elephant created an effective and measurable marketing presence for our company. Gabe is a pleasure to work with - his work is always totally customized to our current clients and focused on how to attract new clients. We will continue to work with Gabe and the team at Radiant Elephant - that’s the highest recommendation I can give!

Dr. Ruthann Russo PhD, JD, DAc, MPH, Founder of SOHL


Why should you get in touch?

Because we are more than your typical marketing agency, we’re a problem-solving agency. As a boutique agency, every project is headed by our owner Gabriel. I only take on a limited number of projects at a time so I can give you the time and attention needed to increase your revenue and meet your goals.

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Don't waste your time on Social Media Marketing that doesn't deliver

With a decade of experience in Social Media Marketing as a leading NJ Digital Marketing Agency, we have generated millions in sales for clients just like you.

You want to hire a marketing team that knows how to find and convert your audience and a team that works tirelessly to give you an ever-increasing ROAS.

You want Social Media Marketing and advertising that drives traffic and sales

Social Media builds trust, allows your business to show a different side, really it lets you be social. But it is also one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies to build brand awareness and drive revenue.

When it's done properly. And that's a big if.

You get the very best social media marketing minds when you work with us. You will get super creative, outside-the-box ideas and strategies that will put you ahead of your competition and win over your target market.


And generates a high ROAS from your social media ads

Social advertising is either a money pit or a gold mine. This client's campaign generated a 15X ROAS. Imagine spending $10,000 on ads and generating $150,000 in revenue?

Your fully developed marketing funnel will feature:

  • Hyper-focused targeting and micro-messaging.
  • Follow-up ad sequences.
  • The best audience modeling around.
  • Landing pages and ad graphics that get noticed.

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Some helpful answers to questions you may have.

Social Media Marketing has a broader scope than some think. It's not just an aspect of digital marketing, it also encompasses digital ads, content creation, graphic design, email marketing, and web design.

Often when a business owner thinks social media marketing it conjures the image of posting on Facebook and Instagram. But there is a lot more to it than that. Even more to it than simply improving your online presence. 

Social Media Marketing is leveraging social platforms both organically and with paid ads to grow your business revenue and build brand awareness. 

Social Media Marketing works very well when integrated properly as a digital strategy, for nearly any business type. Unfortunately, the digital marketing space is full of inexperienced people that don’t understand the true mechanics to succeed.

Social Media Marketing often encompasses:

Social Media Management: This is the organic side of Social Media Marketing. It’s all about determining the social media platforms that are most aligned with your target audience and creating content that resonates with them. This is best for increasing brand awareness and authority. The first step is determining the best platforms based on the user demographics of each social media platform. The second step is planning a content calendar and growth strategy. And the third step is the implementation of the custom social media marketing strategy.

Digital Advertising: Direct marketing at its finest. There are a ton of social media platforms to advertise on. And not every one of them is best suited for your business. Each one has strengths and a pretty specific user base, or user bases. By only focusing on the platforms that are most aligned with your goals and target market the best ROASS and growth can be achieved. The most common social media platforms we advertise on are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest, and Quora.


Aspects of Digital Ads:

Targeting Research: Using a specialized software stack we dive deep into your target market to understand how best to find them.

Tracking: Some digital ad platforms have great data tracking built-in with some additions to your website's code. Others are less reliable and for these platforms, we set up a custom Google Analytics tracking system using UTM’s so we can see exactly how your ads are performing.

Ad Copy & Graphics: The digital ad copy and graphics are at the very top of the marketing funnel in many cases. This means that this part is so deeply important for getting that click and thus beginning the descent into the marketing funnel. You get beautiful graphics and ad copy that resonates and drives clicks.

Split Testing: Split testing is when you test several variants to see which performs best. It’s amazing how a change of color, or a differently worded value proposition can affect your digital advertising conversion rate.

Landing Page Design: While not an exact aspect of social media marketing the landing page your digital ads lead to making the difference between a conversion and a website exit. You get the finest landing pages design to convert your content and ads on social media channels. 

You want a digital marketing agency that really understands social and how to leverage it to drive website traffic of potential customers that fit the right audience. 

In a word yes, if you have expertly crafted social media campaigns. Often when I speak to potential clients that feel that social media “doesn’t work for them” it’s because they either didn’t have a strategy or didn’t use the right platform. It happens. The learning curve for gaining exposure through organic social media management and properly creating digital advertising campaigns is steep.

Choosing the right content to post. Being consistent and patient. Making full use of the robust audience targeting each platform has embedded into its social ad platform. These are the keys, but they are hard to do for a beginner.

Social media management using organic strategies can take time. Time to find the right audience and content. But once you figure out what really works the room for growth is huge. It raises brand awareness, grows revenue, and puts you at the forefront of your industry.

Social advertising is best handled by a digital ad expert. So many business owners try setting up a few ads, or even worse promote a post without any targeting and give up when it didn’t do anything except waste money. This is what some digital advertising platforms count on, they make money either way.

The way to really utilize social advertising to grow your business starts with research, the development of a proper marketing funnel (you rarely want to just send ad traffic to your homepage), audience targeting, and testing.

We implement all of these into your social media campaigns. 

This really depends on your industry and your goals. As I’ve said, not all platforms may be well suited for your industry. Each social media platform has different user base demographics such as age, income level, education levels, and more. Pairing your target market and goals with the best platforms is one of the major factors that determine whether social media marketing’s efficacy.

If you are in the B2B space, well that’s pretty easy, LinkedIn all day. For a local business Facebook ads and Instagram, ads allow for the best local geo-targeting. Which one really determines on your target market's age. Instagram skews younger and Facebook older.

If your trying to hit nationally and sell a higher-end good that's targeted to wealthy 30 plus-year-old women, Pinterest is the best option.

Another determining factor is what your strongest medium is. If your brand is well suited for video marketing then Youtube ads and growth will be a great fit. If your brand has great images and is more visual then Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are the platforms best aligned with your visual strengths.

What it really comes down to is choosing the right platforms and doing detailed research into your target user base and using this data to properly target them. For instance, the Facebook/Instagram ad platform has really powerful targeting. Even beyond standard demographics like location, age, gender, and income, this platform allows us to target users by interests. Interest targeting is a huge opportunity to create an environment for high conversions and testing.

Absolutely. Increasing brand awareness is one of the biggest benefits of social media marketing and digital ads. This is one of the real game-changers that social media marketing offers. You can get in front of people that are most likely to be interested in your brand.

Influencer marketing is a great way to leverage social to increase your brand awareness. By connecting with an influencer whose audience is in line with your own and having them promote your brand you can raise awareness and gain the trust of a segment of your target market.

Statistics show that it often takes people 3-4 times of seeing a brand before they even learn more. So how do you achieve that 3-4 times? This is when social media; organic, paid and influencer marketing is most powerful.

When done correctly Facebook ads are an extremely powerful way to generate revenue. There are huge profitable brands that depend entirely on Facebook/Instagram ads to drive their sales.  The real beauty of it is that it levels the playing field.

Let’s say you started a clothing brand. In the past, you would have a really hard road trying to get your clothing into big-box retail stores. Because without that you could never scale and generate enough revenue to grow.

Enter Facebook ads. With a good budget and a well-positioned strategy, you can get your brand in front of millions of people that will be interested in your product.

Same with the supplement space. In the past, if you didn’t get your supplement in the CVS’s, GNC’s, and Vitamin Shoppe’s of the world no one would know you exist. We’ve worked with supplement companies that have found massive revenue utilizing social media ads.

There are 3 aspects that need to be blended to create a profitable Facebook ad campaign.

The right landing page

If a user clicks the ad and the page they land on isn’t a seamless continuation of the ad, sharing the features and benefits and a value proposition then it’s set up for failure.


If your targeting is off then your conversions will suffer. No one gets the targeting perfect the first time, it comes through testing. But once the ideal market is understood and targeting is implemented you can have a Cost Per Acquisition that doesn’t hammer your profit margin.

Ad Copy and Creative

This is what drives the clicks. It needs to grab their attention and explain to them what you are offering. Testing numerous versions of ad copy and graphics is a key to generating the highest ROASS.


Why should you get in touch?

Because we are more than your typical marketing agency, we’re a problem-solving agency. As a boutique agency, every project is headed by our owner Gabriel. I only take on a limited number of projects at a time so I can give you the time and attention needed to increase your revenue and meet your goals.

Avg. traffic increase


Average Ad ROAS


# of Google Page 1 Positions


Avg. Conversion Lift