Local SEO

 Local SEO

We are NJ Local SEO specialists.

Local SEO is often overlooked, but critical to all local businesses large and small. Ranking high for local NJ searches related to your location can mean the difference between high sales and shuttered doors. Let’s face it, regardless of industry, NJ local Search Engine Optimization is a massively competitive field. Whether you are a pizza place or a divorce lawyer the market is full of competition and carving out your chunk of the market is so important to find success.

These days people search phrases for “…near me”. Most people won’t venture past the first page of search results. Many don’t even scroll to the bottom of the first page. This means that the companies in the first 5 results (not counting ads or the snack pack) get the bulk of the clients. You may be the best in your local industry. But if you’re not in the top search results many searchers will never even know you exist.

What exactly is local SEO?

Local SEO is an approach to SEO that creates the conditions for you to rank high for the top searched location-based search queries. This often includes the town you’re in, the county you’re in as well as specific phrases like best… cheapest… For example, if your business plan is to be known as the best mechanic in the area you would want to capture those searches for “best mechanic in Asbury Park NJ” “the best mechanic in Monmouth County NJ”. This entails making sure the website content and the all-powerful metadata reflects these aspects of your plan.

Why Local?

The way search engine algorithms work is based on many different factors. All these factors come into play when they determine where to place you. Inconsistencies in address or town, not having things set up properly and not having a focus on Local SEO in your site’s content and meta data can all make your sites rank suffer.

  • Making sure all your business listings feature the correct address
  • Making sure Google Maps info is added correctly
  • Creating a great google listing for your business
  • On site SEO that reflects your location

Why we are the best NJ Local SEO Company

We have been doing this for years. This gives us a great edge over our competitors. We have worked with so many varying companies that we have the experience to know how to out perform your competition. As an NJ SEO agency, we know the deeply competitive nature of high search rank for any industry. Our experience is backed by our results. Our clients see huge gains in revenue that dwarves the investment they make in our services. Our clients ROI is intense. So much that while they may have flinched at the cost, in the beginning, a year down the road they tell us how it was a great deal. If you could go to the casino and put down $3,000 knowing that you’re going to triple your money at the bare minimum you would do it, right? Of course, you would. You’d have no reason not to. SEO isn’t a gamble, it’s one of the smartest business investments you can make. Hiring the best NJ SEO expert makes all the difference. 

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