The founder of Mythos Sphere came to use with a unique vision. Mythos Sphere is a workshop event based brand that works to unleash the participant’s stories and myths. The goals for this site was to inform, excite and promote the workshops. We went to work creating the most logical way to tell a story that is new to everyone. To inform the visitor what Mythos Sphere is about and lead them to sign up for a workshop. The final site creates a beautiful path that achieves these goals.

“I highly recommend Radiant Elephant and Gabe Bertolo for web design. Gabe is efficient, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. I’m very pleased with the outcome and have gotten great feedback from others. The site is clean, clear, and responsive, with all the character and the functionality that I wanted. From the details to the big picture, Gabe met my goals and expectations, and I’m confident and happy about continuing to work with Radiant Elephant as the inevitable updates and changes become necessary.”
-Mary Lounsbury, Founder of Mythos Sphere

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